Sexy Women Super Hero Costumes

Every woman needs a super hero. Not necessarily a man to protect them, but a strong woman to look up to. As the world has evolved to make way for the empowered woman, it’s become possible for women to take on more and more roles, not only in real life but in comics, cartoons and movies. And since men are very visual by nature, it is only natural to make these women sexy and appealing. So, what may have started as a targeted demographic of women, quickly became appealing to both sexes.

Thank God for sexy women’s super hero costumes, because now our favorite sexy women are no longer limited to cartoons, the big screen or comic books. Now women everywhere, perhaps even women who shouldn’t, can don their favorite female super hero costumes.

If you’re into skin tight, black leather outfits, nobody wears it better than Cat Woman. This empowered woman is a thief with cat-like reflexes, so now you can steal the hearts of men at every party you go to, before they even know what hit them.

If bats are your thing, then you might go for the super hot, cape wearing Bat Woman. Though she doesn’t have any real super powers, some may beg to differ after you put on the black leather skirt and thigh-high boots. Men will be dying to know what you’re carrying in your utility belt.

Of course, Supergirl gets all the attention because it’s been rumored that gentlemen prefer blondes. If you’re a blonde then the most important part of this ensemble is already complete. Being his cousin, she has all the same powers as Superman himself. The only difference is that Supergirl looks way better in a skirt.

Who could forget Wonder Woman? She is arguably the sexiest and most iconic super heroine of all time. She is known for her extreme beauty along with her blue, red and gold outfit. No “wonder” she brings peace to the world of man. She has the ability to force people to tell the truth with her magic lasso. Trust me, the truth is no secret. We all think she’s hot!

We all have fantasies. The costumes of these classic icons are a great way to make them come to life. The only question is, which costume of your favorite leading ladies, best suits you and your alter ego.